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Photographs by Elena Pirogova-Mares. Model – Karolina G. Dresses by Anna Lee. Hair & make-up by Julia Wilson.

Anna Lee is oneiric. Seeking the immortal values of the inner woman, her seasonal collection becomes feminine and romantic. As every romantic thing it comes within a context. Anna is working with all aspects of her clothes, everything is connected to the dreamy Ophelia, a metaphor of a girl that dies young by drowning herself. It is a bit poetic and tragic, a transformation of a human by joining the sea life. Life grows into the other life, she becomes the sea. Making the fabric bend watery on waves, the shapes organic and loose, the colours shine pure, Anna is giving the body that extra percentage to become pure liquid with water, she reminds the wearer of the power of the ocean among humans. The whole of the looks goes gradual within the illustrations and prints, starting primarily as a human like pink on printed silk chiffon and silk jersey, then converges with the ocean and while she looses her heartbeats it becomes a marine blue like her final being, as the sea and its creatures. Blue, greens of the ocean, shiny purples held on its prints within crepe de chine, georgettes, cotton voile and silk georgette crinkle. Keeping the fluid quality of water she creates key pieces such as chiffon blouses with wings of 18th century feeling, shirt skirt with stiff irregular hemline, a jersey cardigan with chiffon pockets and fluid double chiffon dress – all within the high fashion category that the brand itself delivers. “Everyone knows Ophelia, but people have different images of Ophelia in their minds. I wanted to show that the abyss, which swallowed her is a whole underwater world. Bright diverse and mysterious…”