Unique hand-made accessories for Tigers Vs Dragons collection

"Accessories is an exclamation point to a woman's outfit." - Michael Kors Accessorising is another avenue to express yourself and your style. While your choice of clothes says everything about your style and preference, accessories help to take it to the next level. In fact, clothing and accessories work hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

Flashback: Fitting for Tigers Vs Dragons collection at De Montfort University

What Makes a Perfect Fitting Session? The perfect fitting of a garment lies at the heart of your customers’ evaluation of an apparel product. With vast differences in body shape and size, fit problems form the basis of returns of online clothing purchases. As part of the product development process, designers and their team, typically develop sample size garments for a specific size range based on their target market. When a sample is finished, it is usually checked for fabric type, compliance with specified garment measurements, and construction details. However, it’s imperative that the garment is evaluated on a model in order to judge comfort, appearance and last but not least, fit.

Painting fishes in watercolour

Watercolours ought to glow and look juicy wet, even when they are dry. A scene of fish in an underwater environment is an ideal subject to accomplish these goals. Practice doing fish first. Start with the curved backbone. Draw two circles, one large and one small with the backbone dividing them. Add flesh by smoothing over the circles. Add tails, fins and eyes. Paint the background first by wetting your paper around the fish with clear water. Use a big, soft brush. Touch one of colours randomly, to the background and quickly add another, floating on pigments until the background is a swirly, abstract array of colour. To get the glow, use plenty of water to dampen the paper and use paints diluted enough to show the true colour of the pigment, but not so thick as to be opaque. Keep colours clean, rinse brushes and change water often. Vibrancy and purity are two hallmarks of watercolour